Linksys Smart WiFi Review

Our private life is extremely dependent on technology. The extraordinary advancements in technology surely have a good deal to do for it.

With everything in our surroundings and houses getting smarter and smart, engineering and the minds behind its growth has touched incredible heights of success.

We now we live in a world where we do not need to think about our daily tasks, only a click and we're good to go. With app-controlled lights and locks, smart security systems, smartphones, smart speakers, etc., technology is unquestionably making our lives simpler.

This article talks about a smart WiFi router known as Linksys Smart WiFi, a new innovation in home media.

The Linksys Smart WiFi is a free service that comes with the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers, providing secure access to your home system.

With all these advantages, Linksys Smart WiFi also permits you to prioritize particular devices on your system so that they receive the maximum bandwidth, thus eliminating lag times and streaming, which can be no less than a cherry on the cake.

Before we delve deeper into understanding about Linksys Smart Wifi, then it'll be advisable for us to know what exactly makes Linksys smart WiFi router distinct from a routine WiFi router on the grounds of its own features.

Linksys Smart WiFi Router Characteristics

1. Control your system from an app:

Yes, you heard it right. Having a intelligent wifi router, you have the capability to control your home network configurations even when you're miles away from your residence.

The program enables you to test on what about your network. It is possible to invite people to join the system by sending your network SSID and password through email or text.

You can change your wifi title or password, port forwarding settings etc.. Smart WiFi routers also make it all possible through an program.

2. Create your Own Private cloud storage:

Smart WiFi routers give you the benefit of producing your personal cloud storage. All you need to do is join a hard disc / USB drive to your router's USB port and you could quickly move data.

Smart WiFi routers also let you set up protected access, so only authorized users can access your own files, something which is impossible with a regular router.

3. Prioritize apparatus for high speed:

Today, there are more devices in our homes than human beings. Since there are a good deal of devices connected to one router, it's under a great deal of loads.

Smart WiFi router allows you prioritize chosen devices and assign additional bandwidth to devices which require it the most. Additionally, it lets you set bandwidth for different devices.

4. View all the associated devices:

How brilliant it could be when your WiFi router has been engaged in doing network mapping. Well, smart WiFi routers are doing.

They graphically display every device on the router. It is possible to click on any apparatus to find info about it. Network mapping makes it effortless to know who's using your system without needing to keep a track of MAC addresses.

5. MU-Mimo support:

MU-Mimo stands for Multiuser Multiple Input Multiple Output. A clever WiFi router can concurrently manage many devices and give every one of them equal care.

MU-Mimo allows to concurrently communicate with a number of devices and send/ receive data from all of them at the exact same time period. This increases the efficiency and capability of a router making it better suited to data-intensive activities like video streaming and gaming.

6. Keep an eye on your kid's surfing habits:

This is unquestionably the saviour for all those parents who see their kids misusing time online or browsing the wrong websites.

You are able to restrict time by quitting your children's access to the net by specifying the exact time ranges. You may even block the websites. Parental control feature is also offered in a normal router but it has been presented in a very complex manner.

7. Guest networks:

With a smart WiFi router, it is possible to allow your guest to log in your network. This lets you share your network but not your files. This attribute provides you a great overview, displaying detailed information regarding the devices that are connected.

8. Constructed speed evaluation:

Rather than looking for websites to test for the speed, clever WiFi routers are outfitted with built-in speed test, a characteristic not owned by routine routers.


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