Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless Router Review

An open-source router that could also act as a wireless extender, the Linksys WRT1900AC is a reasonably priced alternative. It is a couple of years old, so it's not Wi-Fi or maybe MU-MIMO competent, but it provides a unique set of characteristics which make it a rival one of its newer competitors. I tested the Linksys WRT1900AC from the actual world together with different Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 routers to determine whether its combination of design, functionality, and characteristics equivalent a worthwhile investment.

Design: Looks just like a toy

WRT1900AC's old school design is not for everyone. It's eye-catching and vibrant, not for those who need a router that'll blend in the background. The vivid blue and black colour scheme provides the router a tiny juvenile, almost toy-like appearance. The Linksys name is printed on the top of the router, and it's also in little print on front and onto every one of the four antennas.

Setup: Painless

The setup method is quick and simple. One little detail I enjoyed regarding the WRT1900ACS is the firm printed the temporary system ID and password at the user manual, so that I did not have to strain my eyes trying to read the small print on the router label. You can set your network up in the Linksys app, or you can use the web portal.

Connectivity: Impressive speeds

This is an AC1900 dual-band 802.11ac router, so Wi-Fi speeds max out in 1300 Mbps within the 5GHz band. It could reach up to 600 Mbps over the 2.4 GHz band. The WRT1900AC includes beam forming technology, which allows it to concentrate the signal to associated devices.

Inside my test home, I have a max Wi-Fi speed of 500 Mbps in my ISP. I attached a handful of apparatus to the Linksys router and analyzed speeds in different areas of my 1,600 square foot evaluation home. At precisely the same room as the modem, Ookla clocked the Wi-Fi speed in at 254 Mbps about the 5 GHz band. When I traveled to the opposite end of the house to a room which frequently encounters drop-offs, the connection remained steady and the speed measured at 188 Mbps.

As soon as I moved to the 2.4 GHz channel and traveled into the very end of this driveway, the speed dropped considerably to 30 Mbps. Overall, the WRT1900AC provided considerable coverage for your one-level home, and had a long enough range to traveling outdoors and around the house. The signal degraded with distance though, and obstructions such as walls and appliances greatly impacted the signal strength.

Key attributes: Open origin, different modes

The WRT1900AC may operate in different modes as well as your wireless router mode. It can act as an access point, a wired port, a wireless port, or a wireless repeater. This enables you to utilize another Linksys to expand your Wi-Fi signal.

Since the WRT1900AC is open minded ready, it is possible to modify the router and then customize it for certain functions or turn it into a web server.

It can function as an access point, a wired bridge, a wireless port, or even a wireless repeater.

Software: Linksys program

The Linksys app is among the more comprehensive router apps I have seen. You can set up a guest community, handle and prioritize apparatus, and set up parental controls (which are really useful). The parental controls let you pause the net on your child's devices, schedule a pause to get a later time, and block specific sites. You may also perform several complex functions in the program, such as port forwarding and empowering Wi-Fi MAC filters.

About the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi website, you are able to control virtually every part of your system from protection for diagnostics.


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