Linksys Smart Wifi

Linksys router set it up is comparatively quite instantaneous and trouble-free. You're able to set up your Linksys router via IP address Linksys installation and access Linksys Smart WiFi page.

Just how I will log in into my Linksys router using linksys smart wifi?

You can log in into your Linksys router with To log into into your Linksys router, you can use the following steps:

  • Open an internet browser by a computer or device that's connected to your router.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • It'll open a login authentication page.
  • Sort the default credentials from the username and password text fields when you haven't changed your password.
  • Press enter.
  • In case you've logged into, it will direct you to some BASIC home page.

Notice: If you are not able to obtain the login page utilizing, then you can try accessing the login page using

Why linksys smart wifi webpage is not responding?

There may be a number of reasons that why I am not able to get into the


  • Assess all of the physical link, there can be an improper cable link.
  • It may be due to an invalid IP address.
  • It can be because of the wrong user name and password.
  • It may be because of the defective router.
  • It can be because of firmware, your pc firmware may be blocking all of the links.
  • It may be due to network link, there can not be a internet connection between routers.
  • You can follow the below-mentioned troubleshoot steps to fix these issues:
  • One has to be attached to in the modem into the router's online interface.
  • The second cable ought to be from pc to any one of the Ethernet interfaces at the back of your router.

For wireless connection

  • Make sure router and modem are connected correctly and your pc is connected to the wireless community.

Checking the router LED

  • Check the lights of this router, after linking the devices. Ensure that lights corresponding to the Ethernet port and net LEDs where computer are connected are all lit.

Checking the router's IP address: You should have an IP address to connect your router and computer.


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